MD-Cu29 Antimicrobial Copper



MD-Cu29 Hardware

Antimicrobial copper hardware for doors, cabinets and walls.

Strong, sturdy, stout, resilient and tough all describe our hardware. But the most important term used to describe our hardware is antimicrobial. These products made with MD‑Cu29 delivers continuous and ongoing antibacterial action, remaining effective in killing greater than 99.9% of bacteria* even between routine cleanings. Don’t settle for the same old hardware when replacing existing, or installing new pull plates, push plates, cabinet pulls or wall plates. Get the brand that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Rest assured, when you see our shield you know our brand is working for you.

Most Cost Effective Antimicrobial Copper Solution on the Market

Everyone should be able to afford MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper. We manage the process from start to finish keeping the costs low then pass the savings onto you, our consumers. MD-Cu29 is not as expensive as you think, check out our products today.

Door Pull Plates

MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper pull plates come in a wide variety of looks and sizes: 3 different handle diameters, 2 different plate sizes, 2 different center-to-center distances, 2 different finishes and 4 different offset handles. Our pull plates also conform to ANSI/BHMA standards. Prices start at only $38.99.

Door Push Plates

Our revolutionary, patented, self-adhesive copper push plates and traditionally installed push plates, made from MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper, can be installed for a wide range of uses. Prices start at only $11.99.

Cabinet Pulls

Made from MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper, our cabinet pulls come in four different styles, including three different styles of bar pulls. Wire pulls are available in a number of different center-to-center distances to match your bathroom interior design and cabinet style. Prices start at only $4.99.

Wall Plates

Whether you’re looking for wall plates that accommodate GFCIs, rockers, outlets or toggles, MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper 1-gang and 2-gang wall plates are a functional and stylish option for your space. Our patented toggle cover and innovative rocker cover allow you to change your existing wall plate without having to call an electrician to replace the electrical switch. Unlike other wall plates, our products are easy-to-install, affordable and antimicrobial. Prices start at only $5.49.

Order MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper hardware products for a variety of applications today. Or, you can read more information about antimicrobial copper in the home and in commercial applications.

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