MD-Cu29 Antimicrobial Copper



Home Use

A bacteria*-fighting home.

Fingers on bathroom switch plates. Hands on drawer pulls and push plates. Frequently touched surfaces in your home are breeding grounds for disease-causing bacteria like MRSA and E. coli. Now there’s a laboratory tested way to continuously kill 99.9% of those bacteria* – with MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper products1.

An inherent antimicrobial.

Copper is one of nature’s inherent germ-fighting substances. And in laboratory testing, the copper in MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper products is proven to continuously kill more than 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria*, including MRSA and E. coli1. That’s a powerful way to keep your family safe from bacteria – just by changing out wall plates, knobs and handles.

In fact, Hussey Copper was founded by a man named Dr. Curtis G. Hussey in 1848. Though Dr. Hussey practiced medicine before there was laboratory testing of copper’s antimicrobial properties, healers and doctors had been using copper for its inherent bacteria-killing ability since antiquity. It’s no wonder that, more than 165 years later, Hussey Copper continues Dr. C. G. Hussey’s legacy by producing MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper products.

An antimicrobial option that’s easy to clean.

Wash them. Scour them. Touch them again and again. MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper helps inhibit the buildup and growth of bacteria within two hours of exposure between routine cleaning and sanitizing steps1.

A beautiful look at an attractive price.

Bacteria*-fighting ability is important, but so is style. MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper products are available in a range of looks, from traditional copper to copper nickel alloys with the same look as stainless steel. And as one of the largest producers of copper, we offer competitive pricing.

A step in the right direction.

The copper used in MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper products is EPA registered—which means it’s laboratory tested to deliver continuous and ongoing antibacterial action1. Now all you need to do is find out what touch surfaces are right for your home.

Visit our products section to see the full range MD-Cu29 antimicrobial copper surfaces available to help continuously reduce bacteria* contamination in your family’s home.